Three Convenient Locations - RESERVE NOW

Jordan Creek - Heated and Unheated Units

Our newest storage site, with lots of heated units in many sizes, located in the Valley.

To get to theJordan Creek location from downtown: take Egan Drive nine miles to the "McNugget" intersection and turn left. Turn right at the Jordan Avenue traffic light and follow the road until you reach Jordan Creek Self Storage on the left, 2345 Jordan Avenue.


Lemon Creek - Saturday hours: 9 am - 3 pm

Come visit our Mini-Office on Saturdays!

To get to the Lemon Creek location from downtown: take Egan Drive five miles to the Vanderbuilt HIll Road traffic light and turn right. After about 1.5 miles, turn right at the Anka St. light, then turn right on Commercial Blvd. and go about three blocks to Juneau Self Storage on the left, at 5391 Commercial Blvd. (If you get to Costco, you've gone too far.)


Salmon Creek

This is where we started, tucked in next to Salmon Creek near the hospital. We have heated and unheated units at this site.

To get to the Salmon Creek location from downtown: take Egan Drive three miles to the Salmon Creek traffic light. Turn right and turn right again immediately on Hospital Drive. After one block, turn left on Salmon Creek Lane by the SEARHC campus. Turn left at Salmon Creek Partnership (one block on the downhill side, just before the guard rail), 1047 Salmon Creek Lane.

Juneau Self-Storage Rental Office

The Juneau Self-Storage rental office is located on the third floor of the Senate Building downtown at 175 S. Franklin St.

175 S. Franklin St, 3rd floor

Juneau, AK 99801

FAX (907) 463-4122

(907) 586-6464